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Stolen Photograph Show Ends with a Whimper

I get some unusual press from Portland newspapers about my art show, though it’s odd to call it my art; I was more curator. Though Beulahland have been very supportive of the weekly all-request mobile music video museum Eye Candy Sundae and their staff were quick to pass on the positive feedback from customers, they simply weren’t prepared to handle queries about purchases or to facilitate the hanging or disassembly of the show.
Not my word, they’re Willamette Week’s:
Photos Stolen Over 6 Years Working at a One-Hour Photo Lab.
Danny Norton stole thousands of pictures from lazy, unsuspecting 1-hour photo customers throughout the mid-nineties. Ten years later he’s hung the best of them in a dank bar and created the most bizarre and fascinating example of found-art on display in Portland. BEULAHLAND, 118 NE 28th Ave. 503-235-2794. Closes Sunday May 31.


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