More On (moron) Online Identity Management

I subscribe to Google alerts pertaining to my name. Apparently, it’s a common one. Primarily, I get death announcements and sports updates. There’s a Danny Norton who does extreme motocross, a boxer named Danny Norton and a character actor named Danny Norton. Meanwhile, I manage my identity as Danny Norton the stand-up comic, cofounder of a sketch ensemble, when I perform my ventriloquism karaoke act I’m Danny & Lester and in my band The Golden Greats I’m Dr. Nono, for which I manage a CD Baby identity, Portland Mercury listing, MySpace, page and Facebook profile. Then there are the pseudonyms. I use ElFrenetico here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. When I want to promote to the rockabilly and exotic Vintage Roadside target, here.

When I want to promote my DJ or music video VJ gigs, I have other online IDs than what I use to show off my illustration or photography.

Is there an impetus for a unified identity? My reputation and credentials across so many sites paint a very hodge-podge portrait, but even so, I’d like to outshine the other Danny Nortons if it gets me a job, a gig or an opportunity.

So far there are some companies offering a pricey service to round up online info and help manage it for you. It’s not an attractive option. Another would be to go delete all but key accounts and manage photos, videos, podcasts, blogs, resumes and the like from a unified site. I just found out is available again.

I’ve tried using Flock, the social networking-specialized browser which updates activity (yours and friends) across popular sites in tiles visible or collapsible at any time. I thought it was kind-of neat until it slowed my 6-year-old computer to a crawl. Then I made a wild guess at their target market based on the big buttons. Kids? Really? The Trapper Keeper motif would put me off as a kid. My eyesight and manual dexterity aren’t challenged if I’m a kid. Let’s face it, if I’m a kid I want an instrument panel, but still appreciate navigability. I want to be recognized for my mature, sophisticated grasp on technology, not spoon-fed a bunch of colorful stickers. As an adult, I wouldn’t mind being mistaken for being younger, but still not by being pandered-to with emoticons and flash, but by hip, informative links where I can resize text for my failing vision.

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  1. Dang. I’m surprised you had time to write this post.

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