Eagerly anticipated Ooligan Press Title

Working in Oregon turns back the clock on employment history, covering 1859-present, labor movements, unions and strikes through personal stories, historical data and photos.

Just in time for Oregon’s sesquicentennial and record unemployment nationwide, the photos and anecdotes of recovery from depressions, recessions and world wars will hearten the vocationally-challenged. Oregon’s unique natural and human resources have undertaken gargantuan readjustments from timber industry to headquarter leading computer processor, athletic shoe, video projector and advertising businesses, then come into its own as leader in public transportation, sustainability and political activism.

The book has received support and endorsement from the Oregon Employment Department, which is more than I can say for my unemployment claims since my first layoff in Oregon in 2002.

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  1. Oregon has had to reinvent itself any number of times in the last 150 years. I wonder what the next reinvention will look like..?

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